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The Team

Our Team at Amp boats have similar backgrounds in the Marine Industry. We have all worked with each other at one time or another at various boat companies based in the south.

All of us are trained or training under NZ Marine Programs.

At Amp boats we take pride in knowing our products heading out the door reflect our level of skill and attention to detail with our High Quality and customisable builds.

We all bring our own set of skills to the team from the design, to the builds themselves, every Build has one guy on it as the main Boat Builder for the best job satisfaction but at same time we all play our own part where need to get builds out the door to the highest standard so our customers can enjoy.

We work as a team to produce a first-rate product for our customers to enjoy.  At every chance, we all test the products when checking full packages & or New Models when ready to be shipped, so each team member get a feel for the products they have helped develop and build.

At Amp boats we love getting feedback from our customers about our products and pictures of them out on the water enjoying their Amp boats.

The Team
The Boyz
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