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More About Amp Boats

So, what are we all about and what do we stand for at Amp Boats……?

We are all about practical design and high-quality standards right from our build procedures and welding to the high-quality products we use on our boats.

We also like to be open to bringing our customers experiences and ideas to light with open designs and customisable options. This ensures they get the best setup for their use of the vessel, by making it a practical, well-built, and designed boat to suit their purposes.

We are continually developing our boat layouts as we evolve as a company. We like to think the changes we make and innovative extras we offer, are based on the reflection of what our ever-growing customer base has previously ordered. This gives us the best reflection of what the market wants, here in New Zealand.

With a Nationwide interest and our ever growing customer base throughout New Zealand and interest from overseas, we can continue growing our business to produce more high-quality pontoon boats that also perform well on the water.


I Mike, started this company with just an idea of wanting to do things a little different. I felt I had more design and innovative ideas to share with the boating community to build quality alloy pontoon boats. The only way forward was to leave my job in early 2020 and start this company from the ground up.

We started as a one-man band in a shed on a farm of a family friend. This was just before the First Covid 19 Lock downs, and we hadn’t got off the ground before these lock downs stopped us and was still waiting on critical gear to arrive. We were unsure of what the future may hold for us. Luckily for us we had excellent customer support and we soon booked out to 12 months and outgrew the shed and now in 2022 we have moved to the industrial area of Invercargill.

Amp boats is now a team of 3 qualified boat builders who have an excellent eye for detail.

We can’t thank our early customer base enough, as they put their faith in a wee southern company, By ordering new designs from us, this allowed us to produce more options and models for future customers to order from. As our customer base continues to grow, so is our ability to produce new and creative models.

We are proud to see our brand grow as well as our team at Amp boats.

(Top Photo of our first workshop out in the Countryside of Waianiwa with our New setup below that is now 37 mersey st,  Invercargill)

First/Old Workshop
New Workshop
imagejpeg_3 1.jpg
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