More About Us

And what I am all about and what we stand for at AMP Boats……
First off I’ll start with my background. I have been in this industry since I left high school and I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now.

I first got interested in boat building as far back as intermediate when we did a class exercise where we had a pretend Island where we all had different roles and I was the Islands boat builder. 
This was my start of my interest in boat building and with such a large range of options down here in the south in this industry. I had options of where and what I wanted to do. So I signed up at S.I.T for a pre trade course and started working one day a week at Stabicraft Marine. Within couple of months I was offered an apprenticeship with them and for the next 4 years trained and did my trade as an aluminum production trailer boat builder. This was great place to train and be a part of in the industry, but found as a large production line and never really building One boat from start to finish, it was time to move on to grow my ability. 
At the time I moved to one of the up and coming brands Frewza Boats. This was a great way to build on my technique, as boats were built from start to finish and were done by one guy. All the quality and checks come on the induvial. It was only a 3-man team at the time and I’d been a part of this company as its grown into a larger producer of pontoon boats.
These are great southern brands and there are many others down here that build great boats for local and overseas markets. Although these boats are perfect for most customers looking at buying in the market, I’ve always found there was a gap for the buyers looking for something a little bit more personalized and custom to their specs or advising in options that best suit them, the buyer.

Most people will buy a boat the way they would buy a car and pick something off a lot and tick some optional extras off a list.
This is were our main point of difference at Amp Boats, We are all for customizing boats to our customers’ needs and bringing their ideas to light as we believe every customer is different in their needs and use for there boats. I’ve seen this at both ends of the market were there are guys that have a lot of experience on the water and want to have input in the layout and options of there boats and the other end of market were they are new to the boating world and are wanting advice on there build to suit there needs and having an individual and personal link and input in to there build. This is very easy to offer with our AMP Boats, as you the customer is dealing one on one with me (Mike) from the first quote to the design and layout, right through to the final build and product. 

All our Boats are designed and built by me and we are working on a range from 2.5m to 7m+. The best place for up to date info and pics is our Instagram and Facebook pages with links at bottom of the page and tag @ampboats.

We also have some Trade Me adds set up with basic setups with a few standard features, and you are more than welcome to get in contact to go over your needs and quote the build to your spec. If you need advice in brands or extras you might be after, I’ll do my best to answer your questions or pass on info to our suppliers and find out more info on what you are after.

There is more info on our design on the product page. Cheers Mike