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OJ (Outboard Jet)

OJ (Outboard Jets) are a great all purpose built boat for guys that want a boat to hit the shallows or rivers, but also want to get out in open water with the security of pontoons to perform in both worlds.

Great for fly fisherman that want to work shallows and rivers, Or hunters that want to get up a river where other outboards wouldn't go but still have ability to get up the lake or off coast for a cod or two.

These are custom hulls to preform with outboard jets. We build them with less angle than a conventional hull and less bow deadrise so the boat performs more like a jet boat for better control with the pump on the outboard.

We have also designed and developed a tunnel into the rear of our hull which puts our foot of the pump level with the very bottom of our hull rather than setups where the foot is setup below the hull line and more likely to have impact and damage. 

Below we have a custom build setup as SC (Side Console) with our OJ (Outboard Jet) Hull and has Mercury 65hp jet (90HP Outboard) 

If you're interested in a OJ setup, we can Custom Quote to the spec you're after to suit your use for boat and advise where we can. 

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