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Customer Testimonials 

We Love feedback from all our customers and wanted a space for future customers to hear from customers themselves.

If you're a customer wanting to share your story, Pop us a line and some photos and be more then happy to add you here too !

I started my Amp Boats joinery about 18 months ago. Mike was super-fast getting back to me with answers about all questions I had.

There were a few challenges for the Amp guys with the build, folding roof one person can put up and down and sleeper cabin without losing to much deck space.

They showed great innovation with both details turning out better than I had hoped for.

I’ve had The Kraken for a year now it's a very dry well riding hull, get a lot of comments from other Boaties that have been in it about ride quality and how stable it is and the quality of the workmanship.

A year on and I wouldn't change a thing a great boat from a great team, cheers guys.

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