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Pontoon Range

Ranging from 3.0m-7.5m+

We have a Range of Models with different Layouts to suit different uses for your boat and they all come in a range of lengths too. From there we have an extras list with options to modify your build, but we can also custom quote to the size or extras you are after to get you on the water with a build that suits you.

All our boats are designed and built by hand and we aim to personalise every build to our customers specs and layout.

Now with an open design and High Quality Build that also has a great ride, our biggest point of difference is our ever evolving designing with our Standard Features.

Our number one difference is our rear extended hull with large boarding platforms which also has built in rear Buoyancy Chambers, giving a full 360 degree, stable fishing platform and extra safety it provides too.


Also our Model Number is what we call a more honest Hull length and more Bang for your Buck.

Due to us running hull to where the outboard bolts on and then up to front of our pontoon/High sides which is our main portion of the Hull, this is how our Model Number Length is determined, then we also give a Tip To Tip overall length in our specs for the boat which is in most cases how models are determined.  

We do this as we do have large platforms which can stick 200-300mm out past the rear in some models but also very easy and see it across the board, Long nose cones on Boats, stretching the realistic size of the hull, so we believe not including Large fair leads on the front or Anchors in place with some brands and Platforms out past the rear of the hull is a More Honest Model number of True Boat Model Size. Having the Tip to Tip info in specs still gives info when comparing across the market.

Any questions give me a call or email and we can work through your next build together.

Or for our latest info and sneak peaks, check out our social medias- links at bottom of page  

Cheers Mike

5.0SC & 4.5FR
5.8 FR Length
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