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HD (High sider Dinghy) 

The HD (High sider Dinghy) is a great all rounder for a small boat with a heap of deck space. Tiller steers are great way to optimize deck area for guys wanting a small boat but want to fit a few mates in it or as great dive boat to fit gear and all have space to move in that 4-5m boat range.

With a wide tread plate floor, they are a good basic platform for getting out on water for day of fishing.

There are lots of options and extras to personalize features in your build so if this is something you are interested in, get in touch and we can get a Quote through to you.

Below we have 2 models, first the New 4.5 HD suited for the 40-50HP range and some shots of our 5.0 HD Demo and its standard features with couple of extras.


4.5 HD Gallery 

has couple of extras personalized for customer

5.0 HD with 60hp Merc

first amp boat demo

custom 5.0 HD

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